Do Citizen Eco Drive watches have a battery? I thought they ran on solar energy?

The solar cell in an Citizen Eco Drive watch collects energy from light sources, both natural and man-made. This energy is stored in a capacitor. This capacitor works like a rechargeable battery (it is sometimes called the power cell or secondary battery). When the capacitor is fully charged, the watch can run months without any light.

How long do the capacitors last?

According to the Citizen website, they last indefinitely, but through our own experience, we have found they last anywhere from 5-10 years.

How do I know if my watch needs a new capacitor?

If your watch does not hold a charge, or must be constantly exposed to light to run, the capacitor is probably worn out. On some models, the second hand will start to double-click as the capacitor wears out. Make sure the watch has had plenty of time to charge (you cannot overcharge an Eco Drive) and try resetting the watch mechanism. To reset the watch, pull the crown out, set the time and leave it out for 30 seconds and then push it back in. If it still is unresponsive or double clicks, it needs a new capacitor or other repair.

Can you change the battery in my Citizen Eco Drive watch?

Citizen Eco Drive watches do not use regular watch batteries. They take a special capacitor which acts like as a rechargeable battery. We can change the capacitor in all models of Citizen Eco Drive watches.

I took my Citizen Eco-Drive watch to my jeweler to get the battery replaced, and it did not work after they put in a new battery, can it be fixed?

If you took your Citizen Eco Drive watch to someone who put a regular watch battery in it, it will not work. Citizen Eco Drive watches require a capacitor that was specifically designed for that model of watch. We can identify and install the correct capacitor that your watch needs. If your watch was damaged by someone installing the wrong type of battery, we can also provide the repair services you need.

My jeweler told me that it was cheaper to buy a new Citizen Eco Drive watch than to change the battery in mine. Is that true?

If all your watch needs is a new capacitor, our Basic Service for a basic Eco-Drive watch with just the time and date is $79. This includes shipping both ways. If your watch requires extensive repair, we will contact you with an estimate before doing any work.

How do I know which service I need?

If your watch is in good shape, and is a basic model (time only or time/date) and it double-clicks, does not hold a charge or has stopped working the Basic Service will likely get the watch running again. If 1) you need the watch water resistance sealed and pressure tested or 2) your watch is front entry, has a perpetual calendar or is a multi-function watch, it will require the Standard Service.

We suggest the Executive Service every 2-3 years to clients whose watches have high sentimental or monetary value to ensure that the watch is thoroughly cleaned and any needed preventive maintenance is completed. Also, watches that are 1) extremely dirty, 2) subject to hard wear, 3) have not worked for a long time, or 4) have obvious damage, will require the Executive Service to restore functionality.

What if my watch does not work with a new capacitor?

If we install a new capacitor and reset the watch and it does not work, we will determine the problem and contact you with a repair estimate. If you want the repair done, we will apply what you have already paid to the repair. If you do not want the repair done, we will return your watch and refund what you have paid less $15 for the diagnosis and shipping.

Can you send me the setting instructions for my watch?

All setting instructions for Citizen Eco Drive watches are available for download at

How do I know if my watch is still under warranty?

Eco Drive watches have a 5 year warranty through Citizen that covers mechanical defects. You must have proof of purchase and the warranty does not cover the strap, crystal, capacitor or any customer misuse or damage. We do not have a contract with Citizen to do warranty work. If you feel your watch repair would be covered under warranty, you should send it to the Citizen Service Center in Torrance, California. Again, capacitor failure is not covered under the Citizen warranty.

Are you an authorized Citizen repair shop?

We are an independent repair shop with over 15 years experience specializing in Seiko Kinetic and Citizen Eco Drive watch repair. We only use genuine Citizen and Seiko watch parts, and provide a one-year, no-hassle guarantee on all our work. However, we are not affiliated with, nor authorized by Citizen of America.

Can you repair the U600 Atomic radio powered models of Citizen Eco-Drive?

No. Unfortunately, Citizen is not issuing parts on this model and the watch would need to go to Citizen USA for all repairs.