What Our Customers Say....

25th Anniversary Gift- G. Werhan of Asheville, NC

I wanted to send a note of thanks with regard to your repair of my watch. It was a gift to me from my wife on our 25th anniversary in 2001. She passed away in 2012 and I have, of course, continued to wear and cherish the watch. Its declining performance, however, added a bittersweet note to wearing it as I was afraid I’d be losing another aspect of all the wonderful time we had together. It arrived yesterday, having kept perfect time during its long journey in the darkness of the box. Thank you for your professional and extremely reasonably priced service. I appreciate it very much. Warmest regards, Gerry Werhan

“Happy Wife, Happy Life”- A. Capalino of North Salem, New York

Let me begin by saying telling you that I am 58 years old and this by far has been the must satisfying customer experience I have ever had. I can’t believe I had to send the watch 5000 miles to have such an experience but so happy I did! I will tell everyone who will listen about you. From start to finish timely email status updates. And thank you for all the above and beyond care with the watch band problem. The extra attention you gave to put the Citizen clasp on the band makes it look a genuine OEM part. The watch overall looks brand new! My wife is thrilled! And as they say “Happy wife. Happy life!” Thank you very much for providing such a quality service. Good olde fashion ethical business practices often lost in today’s America.

Citizen Eco-Drive- Eva A. of Kinnelton, NJ

My Citizen Eco Drive watch repair with Stewart Time is, without a doubt, the most professional experience I’ve had with a vendor. Communication was exceptional, notification when the watch was received along with updates on the repair process every couple of days (results of evaluation, status of the repair, final evaluation of functionality, and shipping notification). The watch has worked flawlessly since I’ve received it. I can’t be happier with my experience with Stewart Time and would recommend them without reservation! Thank again!

Instructions Helped Me Reset My Eco-Drive- Greg Wolak of Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Dear S-T, Your instructions online helped me to reset my older Eco-Drive and I am very pleased and thankful for that. The instructions were simple and concise. I will bookmark your page and not hesitate to send any of my 20 some watches to you folks in the future for needed repairs. God bless. Greg Wolak Milwaukee, WI

What A Great Job! I Love Stewart Time- Amir Nouri of Green Bay, Wisconsin

Hi, I almost gave up on my Citizen Eco-Drive about 3 months ago. I have been wearing it since 2007. In October 2014, it just stopped working. I really love this watch because it was a present from my father in law, who is like my own father to me. Anyway, I was lucky to find Stewart Time. They responded to all my questions and concerns. I immediately knew they will fix my watch and I ordered their service. It took about 2 weeks till I got my watch back. I couldn’t believe the watch I received was my own watch. It looked brand new again. They fixed the watch, changed the Chrystal, cleaned and polished it with a reasonable price. I am sure I will send my watch to them again after few years when it starts slowing down again. Stewart Time, you are awesome and I really appreciate your excellent work. Thank you very much. You do what you promise to do. There aren’t so many good companies out there who really care about their clients like you do. Keep up with the great work.

Myth-Busters- George Watkins of Mason, Ohio

When my Eco-drive watch died, I started shopping for a new one, because we all know it’s cheaper to buy a new one than spend hundreds repairing one, right? I somehow stumbled onto Stewart Time, and another urban myth bites the dust-ah! Thanks!!!!!

Excellent Information- Trent Schulze of Frisco, Texas

I have a 20 year old Citizen Eco Drive that had the capacitor replaced a little over three years ago. After several months of not wearing it, the capacitor had run down to nothing, so I left it to charge for a few days on the kitchen counter. I noticed that it was double-clicking like it had prior to the capacitor replacement. I found your site while searching out info on estimated capacitor life. There was also a blurb on the same page about resetting the watch capacitor…well, I followed those directions, and the watch works perfectly now. I’ve bookmarked your web site and will use you for future repairs and information. Thanks!!!!

Seiko Sumo Watch-Customer For Life- Daniel E Ziemer of Colorado Springs, Colorado

Sent my Seiko Sumo watch to Stewart Time with a scratched crystal and scratched case. They replaced the crystal in record time and buffed out the case for no extra charge. This is what true professional they are and I wish everyone else was like. Great job you guys. Customer for Life. D Ziemer

What A Great Job- Richard Cooley of Pittsfield, Maine

This is the second time I have sent a watch to Stewart Time for a repair. The 1st time was for a citizen eco drive three years ago. It came back like new, and has worked perfect ever since. I just received my Seiko kinetic back today and it also looks new and works perfect even though it is 21 years old. I know when I send my watches to Stewart Time they will be fixed fast and right. Thank you Stewart Time for a job well done

An Excellent Watch Saved- Victor Ivy of Boca Raton

My 12 year old Citizen Eco Drive stopped after 12 years of trouble free service. Luckily I found Stewart Time on line and they repaired my watch, polished the band and now I feel that I still have a good watch. I give my Highest Recommendation to Stewart Time!!

Saved A Good Watch- Jim Menard of Fort Defiance, VA

My wife’s old Seiko was dropped on a tile floor, and shattered the crystal. I expected that we’d have to toss the old watch, but Stewart Time was able to locate a compatible crystal and saved us from having to dispose of a reliable friend. Thanks!

Perfection Repeated- Kristen and Eric Grubb of Upland, CA
We have used Stewart Time three times for our Citizen Eco Drive watches. Every time, we are so impressed with the prompt service, communication throughout the process, and the great end-result! How nice that we can keep wearing watches that were our wedding gifts to each other over 15 years ago!!

WOW!!!- Chris Cole of Columbia, South Carolina
When my beloved Eco-Drive Titanium stopped working after many, many years of faithful service I reluctantly pried it off my wrist and sent it in. Thankfully I happened upon Stewart Time! After several days of “naked wrist syndrome” my trusty watch was returned. Not only was it once again in perfect working order it was immaculately cleaned and buffed. Stewart Time was in touch several times throughout the process with updates. Personal service is an understatement. My watch looks so good I wish I had sent it in years ago for simple maintenance and cleaning! Thank you!!

Excellent Service- Edward Crane of Emerald Isle, NC
I recently sent my wife’s favorite watch in for a battery change and repair. This watch is a Seiko Perpetual Calendar which are tricky to program. Battery change and repair were perfect. This is the second time I’ve used Stewart Time and I highly recommend them.

Great Service- Brian Hickson of San Diego, CA
This is yet one more testimonial to how great Stewart Time is. They provide awesome communications while my watch was being repaired. When I got it back (9 o’clock marker was loose) I noticed the Seiko emblem was also crooked. They shipped me a new box and fixed the emblem at no additional cost. It’s just so great to have this kind of resource with the top notch service for watch repair. Thanks!!

Very pleased-great job- John Cevetello of Levittown, New York
Stewart Time took care of the shipping,evaluation and even the polishing of the watch. I declined the repair and they returned the watch keeping only the 15 of 35 dollar deposit as promised. I will continue to use them with confidence and will recommend them to all . Thanks especially to Mr. Grant. You can trust Stewart Time.

Excellent Service- Karl Rass of Huntsville, Alabama
I used Stewart Time to repair my Citizen Eco-Drive watch. They provided regular updates on the repair status and the watch was received in a like new condition. I highly recommend their services.

Great Service- Michael Morgan of Niederkirchen, Germany
I have had my Eco Drive watch for years and it has been through numerous deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. When it stopped working I was going to get a new watch but decided to give Stewart Time a try and I was glad I did. From day one I could tell I was dealing with a very professional business. They always sent me updates on the status of my watch repair and made the process painless for me. I will be using them again in the future.

The Definition of a Professional- John H. of Louisville, Kentucky
My Citizen World Time watch quit running after 12 years so I sent it to Stewart Time in the mailer they provided. They kept me informed of the status of the watch via email and returned it to me within a few days. The watch now looks and performs like it did when new. I highly recommend this company and will do business with them again.